Cooking With Maple Syrup

Cooking With Maple Syrup

Guidelines For Cooking with Maple Syrup

  • To replace sugar with maple syrup in your baking,use 3/4 cup of syrup for every cup of sugar, and decrease the            total amount of liquid in the recipe by about 3 tablespoons for each cup of syrup you use.
  • Maple syrup is slightly acidic so you may want to add 1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda. This is not necessary       if you are using recipes with buttermilk, sour cream or milk.
  • To replace honey with maple syrup, use the same quantity of syrup instead of honey.
  • Reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees. Maple syrup can cause more browning than sugar.
  • These are suggestions. You can experiment to suit your taste!

    Suggested uses for Maple Syrup
    • Use on cereal instead of sugar
    • Sweetener for yogurt over fruit
    • As a topping for ice cream
    • Sweetner for coffee or tea
    • Added to stir fry or sweet and sour dishes
    • Excellent as a sweetener for baked goods
    • Nice addition for baked winter squash

    Uses for Maple Cream
    • Spread on hot toast or english muffins
    • An easy frosting for muffins, cakes or cookies
    • Nice topping on pancakes or waffles.

    Uses For Granular Sugar
    • Adds a nice maple flavor in baked goods
    • Great topping for grapefruit, cereal,coffee or tea
    • Sprinkle it on Baked goods