Seasoned Firewood - Delivered

North Family Farm
$270.00 - $320.00
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We are sold out for the fall/winter of 2019-2020.  Thank you for a great year !!

Seasoned Hardwood by the cord. Delivery can be arranged within 15 miles of the farm in Canterbury NH.

Our Firewood is cleaned to remove unwanted bits of bark and splinters.

Local area sales only.  Call or email with your complete address for delivered pricing. 603-783-4712


Our firewood is seasoned and it will dry more and burns better when it is stacked off the ground and covered.  Leave the sides of the pile open so air can move through the wood pile.


Be sure to get your wood early enough so it can finish drying before you burn it.


For University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Service recommendations on how to purchase your wood supply go to.